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Myron Nelson, LCPC

As the son of a Black man raised in Texas and a Thai woman

who immigrated to this country, I was thrust into a unique perspective on what identity means in America. From a young age, I was curious about understanding peoples' worldviews and pursued a career in which my personal experiences could play a pivotal role in my profession. 


I earned my Master’s degree in counseling from Boston University and moved to Chicago to start my career in community mental health. Since then, I have worked in hospitals, university counseling, and private practices. My background has given me extensive experience working with some of the most severe mental illnesses but also with people for whom the source of their sorrow is more unclear. I help people who feel misunderstood connect with the people they want to be closer to. I help people who are depressed learn why it's happening and how to change it. I also help first and second-generation immigrants understand how their race and culture impact their lives and relationships. You can read more about my work with depression at How To Be A Burden.

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